Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Chapter Two - Clifton

The second time Clifton and I met, we were both ready to finish his book. I went in with plans to have him design a cover and write an about the author page. Binding is yet to come - I'm hoping to have a handful of books done, then get the authors together so we can hand-sew the binding. I originally thought I would take the books somewhere to have them bound, but showing them how to do it themselves seems like a much better idea! This way, they actually create their own book, start to finish. Of course, this means I have to learn how to sew binding, first!

I explained the "About the Author" page to Clifton, and asked what he wanted people to know about him. He said, "This is a book by Clifton!" I asked what else, and he said "Animorphs are so funny." I said "Anything else?" and he said "He's cute."


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