Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Takin' Care of Business

Taking a break this week from the usual posting to share some related news stories:

- SRVS has been included in an awesome Memphis organization called Volunteer Odyssey. Participants volunteer at 7 different places in 7 days, and then blog about their experiences. So far, I've been lucky to work with Rivers and Kevin, who were both amazing!

- Helping out in Art Therapy classes is how I got involved with SRVS, and I always love doing art with the clients. Art classes mean we need art supplies! SRVS has posted a wishlist of items that are needed. Please check it out and see what you can donate! Many supplies just cost a dollar, and every bit helps!

- And let me be a little full of myself for a moment… I was highlighted in last week's SRVS newsletter!

I'm so thankful to be involved with an organization that honestly values the people who work and volunteer there.

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