Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Child Volunteer at SRVS

Today I want to highlight two of our newest volunteers at SRVS, who are quickly becoming two of my favorite people! SRVS hasn't really had children volunteers in the past, but when we heard how mature, thoughtful, and giving this particular girl was, we knew she would be a great kid to start it all.

This post was originally an email sent to other employees, giving them a glimpse of how things went with a child volunteer. I think this type of inclusion is an important issue. Children can benefit from having a chance to get to know people with disabilities, and our people served absolutely love having someone around who is young at heart!

Child Volunteer Lights up SRVS People Supported

Miki and Janie Kathryn have already visited SRVS three times, and plan on coming back throughout the summer. Also, Janie Kathryn opened her lemonade stand last Saturday and donated some of the money to the soup kitchen, while using the rest to buy the SRVS art room some much needed yellow paint! Too sweet!

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