Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I previously worked with Chris when I did a group storytelling session. Since then, I’ve done art with him countless times, and really come to know his style. Chris always stays after class to wash out the brushes and palettes, so I’ve come to know his personality, too! I was excited to try writing with him again because we had a good jumping off point: what his dream superpowers would be.

Chris decided his superpower would be flying. When I asked him if he’d draw his superhero alter-ego, he instead wanted me to do it. I have to admit, I jumped at the chance to show him how I thought he would look as a superhero! Sometimes it’s nice to see yourself through someone else’s eyes. While I did this, Chris went back to his signature style of art.

Every time we paint, Chris will carefully choose an array of pinks, purples, and reds. He’ll coat every inch of the paper with one shade before layering the next on top. This results in beautiful art with no white space – explosions of color! He always mixes the hues perfectly, so you see hints of red and bits of pink hiding beneath the overall purple of the painting.

Today, however, Chris was working with colored pencils. I noticed he chose entirely different colors for this medium. He started with a gold pencil, then layered a sky blue, turquoise, and green. I love that he has a different style for each outlet of expression!

While I was surrounding Chris with clouds and the sun (my drawing caught him mid-flight), I asked what he’d do as a superhero. He said he’d visit his relatives on the other side of the country (flying, one would presume), buy a house, buy a car, and buy a truck. No, one of his superpowers isn’t driving two vehicles at once! The car, he revealed, would be for his wife-to-be!

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