Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The "Original" Storytelling

This blog originally grew from a volunteer experience I had at SRVS, an organization that helps people with disabilities and their families.

I initially helped with a weekly art class, but as I got to know people at the Learning Center, I wanted a new project to work on with them. I came up with We Are Storytellers. I worked one on one with individuals to help them tell a story. They either told me the story and I wrote it down, or I helped them write it out. Almost everyone loved to illustrate their own story! This blog originally included images, but since this project was 5 years ago (what?!?!), I didn't feel like I had permission to keep using photos and names - better safe than sorry!

The stories they shared and the experiences we had together are still meaningful and memorable, and I wanted to leave the posts up as they were, even while this space changes course slightly.

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