Thursday, June 7, 2018

Podcast - 006: Getting Graphic with Mel Schuit!

This First Thursday podcast is something of a follow-up interview with Mel Schuit.

Mel gets graphic explaining how to read graphic novels and comic books, why they’re
 important, and what some of her favorites are. Never read a graphic novel? Never
 been interested in comics? Listen and get a recommendation for the perfect starter book!

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Gene Yang, we hope you're listening!

Links mentioned:
Thinking Outside the Box - Mel Schuit's presentation about graphic novels and comic books, the basis of this podcast that we frequently refer to. Click on the gear on the play bar for the option to read the speaker notes along with the presentation.

Find Mel Schuit, my charming interviewee, on social media:
      Instagram: @spiky_penelope
      Blog: Let's Talk Picture Books
      Facebook: Let's Talk Picture Books
      Twitter: @spiky_penelope
      @kidlitpicks / #kidlitpicks

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