Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I've known Rosalyn as long as I've been doing art - she has a larger than life personality, and will start a conversation with anyone! She used to paint monkeys, elephants, and other animals she had seen at the zoo, and made the animal's noises when she finished her picture. I hadn't worked with her since the new day center opened last summer, but I had talked with her a lot in the halls. She was excited about her upcoming birthday, so after we settled in, I asked if that's what she wanted to write about. She kept telling me her birthday plans, but we quickly got off-track and talked about superheroes. When she kept exclaiming, "It's a bird, it's a plane, it's SUPERMAN!" I knew we had our story.

As Rosalyn drew, I took out my camera to snap a few pictures, then put it off to the side. Rosalyn would point to the camera to have her picture taken after she finished a drawing.

Rosalyn told me what was happening on each page, but didn't write any of it down. Each time I asked "Do you want to write that sentence on the page?" she'd say yes, then start drawing something else. I kept a separate page of these notes, and can add the sentences on the facing page when it comes time to bind her book.

She wrote the page numbers herself, though. As she did, I noticed something interesting - Rosalyn draws with her left hand, then switches the pencil to her right hand to write the numbers.

We had time for a longer session, so she was able to finish her book in one sitting! It's called Superman, and she wrote an About the Author page I particularly love.

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