Saturday, October 13, 2018

Season Two Podcast Story Submissions

Season Two of the We Are Storytellers podcast kicks off on Saturday, October 27th!

Along with changing to a Saturday release day, we are changing the format for Season Two. Season One was thirteen episodes that alternated between interview podcasts and Read-Aloud podcasts. Season Two will be thirteen episodes of Read-Aloud podcasts. 

That means NOW is the time to submit any poetry, short fiction, flash fiction, memoir excerpts, micro-memoirs, essays, diary entries, eloquent rants, etc etc etc to be read aloud on the podcast! You can submit a written piece, or you can record an audio file yourself. You can also submit anonymously - just include in the email that you don't want your name given, or make up a fake name (which obviously will work best if you don't read your own piece aloud...).

Podcast themes are loose ideas the podcast will be based on; use these as your jumping off points for the pieces you submit.

Podcast Themes:
October 27th: Scary 
November 10th: Autumn
November 24th: Thankful
December 8th: Winter
December 22nd: Family Holidays
January 5th: New Year
January 19th: Equality
February 2nd: Groundhog Day
February 16th: Un-Valentine
March 2nd: 3...2...1...
March 16th: Green
March 30th: Practical Jokes
April 13th: Spring

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